The Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Association, Inc. perpetuates the memory, preserves and shares the history of the Eighth Maine Volunteer Regiment including the real and personal property of the Association. The Memorial Hall is a historic landmark, a unique architectural structure and on the National Register of Historic Places.

It is a licensed lodge with 15 rooms available for overnight guests that can accommodate parties of up to 50 people. The main hall can host events up to 150 and the dining room can host sit down service for up to 75 or buffet service for up to 90. Weddings, events, reunions, birthday parties and more are all welcome at The 8th.

Our lodging operation supports natural and sustainable practices including our award winning clothes line for drying and airing clothing and bedding, only providing bed making housekeeping services during your stay, providing replacement towels and bedding only for accident resolution, and using only environment friendly chemicals, detergents and cleansers.

The building also houses a museum and library with information on the Regiment's service in the American Civil War and the history of the organization since its inception.

We offer daily tours of the building chocked full of the history of the Regiment, the Civil War, the Association, Peaks Island and the effects of two world wars on the community.

We maintain a website offering access to the same historical information and adding access to a much broader base of Civil War topics.

We participate in Civil War Days with our partners at the Fifth Maine Regiment Building, hold community events including dances, Peaks Fest, house tour and our annual art show sale.

Organizational History

The Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Association was incorporated in 1871 as a non-profit, veterans' organization.


President: Jim Fernald
Vice President: Heather Goulden
Secretary: Cindy Quirk
Treasurer: Heather Goulden