What is the 8th Maine Regiment Memorial Lodge?

The Lodge was built to be the summer vacation home for 8th Maine Regiment veterans who fought in the American Civil War, and for their families. William Miltmore MacArthur, the last and favorite Colonel of the Regiment, donated the funds to acquire the land and to build the Lodge using money that he won in the Louisiana State Lottery after the war. Today the Memorial Lodge has a museum and library dedicated to the Civil War.

When is the Memorial Lodge open?

The Lodge is open from June 2 to September 28, 2019.

Who owns the Memorial Lodge?

The 8th Maine Regiment Memorial Association, Inc., owns it as a non-profit (501.C.3) corporation. The Association was incorporated in Portland, Maine in 1871.

Why stay at the 8th Maine?

A vacation at the 8th Maine can be a step-back in time; where guests can escape the hectic, stressful modern world and discover a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere. Many guests enjoy learning more about the Regiment and the Civil War, and get absorbed in the ambiance of a historic place. Many guests soon after arriving find themselves immersed in a book while rocking on the porch, or focus on working on a large group puzzle, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean at the front door. The 8th Maine provides opportunities for each guest to share communal living experiences with other guests, who may be from America, Canada or Europe. Each guest can be part of a unique historical and cultural experience.

Is the 8th Maine a good place for families and children?

Yes. We have had seven generations of families and children visit the Lodge. It is a great place for families to make great memories by visiting the seashore, exploring tide pools looking for a tiny lobster and sea urchin, playing pin-pong, making puzzles and generally sharing the seascape together. The 8th Maine can supply pack and plays, cots and high chairs for the little ones.

What are the amenities of the Memorial Lodge?

The 8th Maine provides free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be available each morning in the dining hall, free of charge. Although not mandatory, many guests continue a tradition by bringing their favorite coffee or tea to share. All guests will have access to the kitchen and dining hall facilities. All guests are assigned a table and a refrigerator for use during their stay. For those guests who want to prepare meals, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery are available. While using the facilities, please be attentive to your table area; table, countertop, refrigerator. All used dishes, pots and pans, and silverware must be cleaned and returned to the proper storage locations in the kitchen.

What is the most famous 8th Maine tradition?

Traditionally, the 8th Maine veterans, when they stayed at the Lodge would always share meals. After each meal, each soldier family would re-set their table. The message to each other was clear and emotional; we will be back and we will not forget. The 8th Maine staff encourages all its guests to continue that practice if they cook or use our dishes. It is a way to say to our "modern" guests that we hope you will return again and again to the 8th Maine.

Preparations for a stay at the 8th Maine?

Always check the Casco Bay Lines webpage for the most up-to-date schedules and weather reports. Or, call 207-874-8781.

There is a taxi on the island. The number is 207-518-0000.

If you walk to the 8th Maine from the Jones Landing dock it will take you 15-20 minutes. The 8th Maine has 4-5 free parking spaces available on site for guests who decide to bring a vehicle to the island. There are additional parking spaces available on adjacent streets within a few minute walk from the Lodge.

All guests share bathrooms; both the men's and women's bathroom have very adequate, clean facilities. There are no private facilities.

Each room is supplied with bedding and towels. Some rooms have one bed, others two beds, and still others three beds. Please check the Rooms drop-down menu to see more details.

The island weather can be fickle. All guests should remember to bring multiple layers of clothing, in preparation for changeable weather conditions.

The Lodge is merely a 100' from the Atlantic Ocean. Guests can have easy access to both sandy and rocky beaches. The water is 'cool' and refreshing.

The 8th Maine is on a historic island that has many hiking trails, ocean view paths and roadways. Bikes can be rented at Brad's and Wyatt's Bike Shop. There are several golf cart rental companies on the island that can provide that service. There are several historic World War II monuments, like Battery Steel, a close distance to the 8th Maine. Please bring appropriate footwear for such activities.

What are the Peaks Island amenities?

There are three restaurants and a café on the island open for daily business. Hannigan's Grocery store stocks food and drinks. There is a library, a fire and police station, and most importantly, an ice cream store. Visitors can buy lobsters at the dock.



9% Maine State lodging tax
5.5% Maine State sales tax

Payment Terms

Reservations of less than 7 days require total payment at booking.
Reservations of 7 or more days require a minimum of a 50% deposit at booking. The balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival.

Payments that are accepted

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal checks and cash. Personal checks may be used, preferably, at least 14 days prior to arrival.


If a booking is cancelled less than 14 days before the arrival date, then a charge equal to the full booking amount will be made. If the booking is cancelled 14 days or more before the arrival date, then a charge equal to $25.00 per room booked will be made. If a no show or booking reduction occurs after the arrival date, then the full cost of the booking is charged. The exception to the above will be the instance where more than 7 rooms are booked by the same party, and a cancellation notice occurs less than 60 days prior to the arrival date, then the full deposit will not be refunded.


Generally, a maximum of 2 adults per room is standard. In some instances, additional adults can stay in a room, to a maximum of 4 adults per room; a $50 per adult surcharge will occur. Family children under 18 are exempt from all surcharges.


Check-In is at 3 p.m. Late check-in is considered after 8 p.m. unless arrangements have been made for a late arrival.
Check-Out is at 11 a.m.
Personal bags may be stored for early arrivals or for late departures.